Just a very quick post today…firstly, to announce that another two dialectograms have rolled out of the dialectofactory – the first is a redrawing of the very first dialectogram, which had to be withdrawn for issues of privacy. It depicts a showman’s yard in Glasgow’s East End –

I will post a full update and commentary on this sometime next week – for now, feel free to take a look!

The other dialectogram is based on James Kelman’s novel Kieron Smith Boy, and shows the bedroom the title character shares with his older brother, very much from his perspective –

Again, I’ll put up some commentary next week to go further into what the picture shows – and why.

Lastly, I am VERY chuffed to announce that I have been accepted for membership of Reportager, a network of those involved in documentary and journalistic illustration run out of the University of the West of England. They have a very exciting line up of projects and the talents involved are impressive – I am humbled and amazed to be included in the roster. Some wonderful stuff there, so do please check it out.

Sorry for the quick update – more verbiage per pound next time, I promise!