Here are some links, as recommended by the management. I’m very happy to link with anyone, so please feel free to link here (and make sure I do likewise).


Red Road Underground – a joint project with Chris Leslie, containing many fine dialectograms, and even finer photographs

Boswell in Space – A sister project to Dialectograms. A family resemblance, but a very different animal

The Drouth – you could say it’s my alma mater.

MiLLER’S QUARTERLY COMIX – Our sister blog.


Chris Leslie – Documentary photographer and partner in crime.

The Folk ye bump intae – blog of the drawings and encounters of Glasgow artist-cum-postie Stuart Murray.

Stuart Murray – the ultimate Glasgow sketch-artist’s personal website

Chris Dooks -a frequent co-conspirator. Check out his plethora of web-presences for flashes of polymathic genius

Borrachoeneldia – What do you mean you don’t know how to say it? Stuart MacMillan takes painstaking photographs of Glasgow bars, and is my inside mole at the Laurieston. Fascinating and essential document of the city’s drinking dens.

Red Road Project– The group that made many of the dialectograms possible.

Victoria Evans – Glasgow-based artist and the genius behind 28 Drawings Later

Helen Scalway: Moving Patterns – Diagrams from the Big City (London)

Nemesis Republic – An acerbic and astute critic of architectural trends

Culture Squawk – ‘Fantasies of a disillusioned culture worker’. Pretty much sums it up, though I should say said fantasies are incredibly funny.

Mythogeography – Phil Smith’s black art of walking sideways

Spaced in the City – Fran MacMillan and Sam Frances’ ongoing music-art-fusion events

New Glasgow Society – Our gracious hosts for Red Road Underground

The Bar Biographer – Say it fast enough and it becomes some weird plastic-doll related scientific discipline. It is, in fact, an engaging ongoing biography of bars in Glasgow and beyond, by writer Scott Graham

Flatmates – An excellent Irish webcomic by Maeve Clancy

A Town Square – A fascinating blog about urbanism and city dwelling.

Urban Sketchers – An excellent site for those who draw the city.

Market Gallery

Culture and Sport Glasgow

An Tobar

Montage Podcast – Scotland’s best film podcast. And that’s a totally unbiased opinion by the way…

Heterotopia – Photographic art by Vincent J.Stoker

Street Level Photoworks

Glasgow Print Studio

Scottish Cinemas

Scottish Screen Archive

The Magic Lantern

The Glasgow Film Theatre

Hidden Glasgow