Here you will find all the Dialectograms produced so far. I hope to make all of these zoomable at some point (The Nivens from S(i)even currently is)  At the moment, each of these will take you to the original page these were first posted on.

Prototypes and Preliminary Drawings

The Concierge Station: Prototype

The Brig Minigram No 1

The Brig Minigram No 2

Glasgow Green Songline: A First Attempt

‘Finished’ Dialectograms


Red Road Dialectogram 1: The Concierge Station

Red Road Dialectogram 2: The Nivens from S(i)even

Red Road Dialectogram 3: The Mecca Bingo and Social Club

Red Road Dialectogram 4: The Brig

This Road is Red: Groundplan


A Showman’s Yard in the East End


Hinesian Geometry (James Kelman, The Busconductor Hines)

Matt’s Room (James Kelman, Kieron Smith, Boy)